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ENERGYSAVERSAU was incorporated in March 2015 in Melbourne, Victoria with an ambition to be an active contributor in assisting our country to reduce carbon footprint by 65 percent until 2030 through an LED lighting upgrade.

Since the inception, the company has been working under Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme to help Australian businesses and households switch to energy-efficient lighting products that save money on energy bills while availing benefits of subsidies.

All our products are VEET approved and they meet Australian ACMA quality and safety standards. All LED replacements are done by A-grade installers. ENERGYSAVERSAU offers turnkey energy efficiency upgrade services, with full vertical integration from site analysis, energy-saving solutions to implementation and applying government rebates.

Our extensive range of premium, energy-efficient LED products cover a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial lighting setups. We take pride in saying that we are the only LED replacement company that offers more than 10 premium LED lighting brands to choose from. Philips, Hanaco, Ledvance Osram are a few to name.

We have experience working in all sort of verticals ranging from undercover car parks, retail, offices, schools, colleges, hotels, and aged care facilities to industrial and manufacturing units, factories, warehouse & storage units like cold storage, warehouse storage, logistics storage, airport hangers, food storage, metal storage, etc.

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In commercial LED lighting, we work with an extensive range of premium brands like Phillips, Ledvance Osram, Emerald Planet, Haneco, Primsal, Onsemi, Eco light up, Energetic, Wattsgreen, Pierlite Pierlux, SAL, and Optitech.

We offer a broad category of wattage catering to varying business requirements. We expertise in industrial and office lighting where we provide free* LED high bay replacement while offering a broad range of brightness, starting from 90W to 150W, and, office LED panels of 13W, 18W, 19.5W, 26W, and 32W.

We ensure ease of business where our customer only needs to take the first step and we do the rest. All the work is completed by A-grade electricians who have industry experience with different types of businesses.

Once the installation is completed, we take care of recycling and decommissioning of replaced products. At the end of the process, the customer is handed over with the paperwork of installation, warranties, and electrical safety.

ENERGYSAVERSAU has been helping businesses with LED replacement from a while now and to get references of the customers in your business click “Our customers”

We provide the best in the quality industrial and office lighting. Our range of LED High bays gives you an option to choose from more than 10 different brands.

It’s your business so it should be your choice, we give you the power to choose from the brands which you like. See our LED Product range to see which brand you would like pick for replacing your lights.