LED Upgrade Process

LED Upgrade Process

The LED upgrade process begins with booking an appointment with you. Once the appointment and best time to visit are confirmed, free assessment of your property/space for recommending a suitable lighting solution is the second step. The upgrade to energy-efficient LEDs comes with virtually no upfront costs; thanks to the government rebate schemes running across multiple states in Australia enabling huge savings on your energy bills.

We ensure smooth transition from old lights to LEDs through our trustworthy turnkey services that aim at making the installation process as effective as possible to deliver high energy savings and ROI.

An energy upgrade project goes through following steps. However, we are flexible in our approach to meet your varying needs; free on-site assessment and free product trials before installation are a few to name.

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Book An Appointment



We will book an appointment and confirm the best time to visit you.

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Site Assessment

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your property/space for the lights you are using. The assessment includes checking type and number of (old) lights you are using, and propose new LED lights that need to be installed to reduce your energy usage.


Detailed Proposal

We will prepare a detailed summary of your current lighting, the proposed replacement LED products and the return on investment you will get through energy-efficient lighting upgrade.

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Our A-grade electricians will perform the complete installation in a timely manner after your approval, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations, and workplace health and safety.


Recycle Old Lamps

We take care of decommissioning (recycling) of old lamps removed from your premises to ensure safe disposal of any dangerous materials (for example, mercury in fluoro lamps) present in them.

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Start saving

See your energy consumption go down as soon as the next day of installation and start saving on your energy bills. Plus, decrease your carbon footprint through the subsidized energy upgrade.

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