LED Tubes

Ah! Can’t think of a business that operates without tubes! This is the most popular products when it comes to indoor commercial lighting. From office to manufacturing units, airports to costal storages and undercover carparks to hotels, they are installed at every type of business one can think of.

Old florescent tubes come in three different sizes: 2ft, 4ft and 5ft. They are either T8 – typical lights with a diameter of 20 cent piece, or T5 – considerably thinner, about a 5 cent piece in diameter. All types are covered under the rebate scheme (VEET).

Since they are the most widely used lighting products in the industry, hence EnergySaversAU offers a wide range of LED tubes as a replacement product:

  1. PRIMSAL Tubes 13W 5000K
  2. PRIMSAL Tubes 17W
  3. Emerald Planet 6W
  4. Emerald Planet 14W T5
  5. Haneco Tubes 10W 6000k
  6. ONSEMI 10W 4FT Tubes 6000K
  7. ONSEMI 12W 4FT Tubes 4000K
  8. ONSEMI 12W 4FT Tubes 6000K
  9. ONSEMI 14W 4FT Tubes 4000K
  10. ONSEMI 14W 4FT Tubes 6000K
  11. ONSEMI 20W 5FT Tubes 6000K
  12. Philips 10.5W 4000k
  13. Philips 10.5W 6500k
  14. Optitech 9W
  15. Optitech 16W

A minimalistic approach to move from traditional lighting to energy-efficient lighting

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