Government Rebates for LED Commercial Lighting Melbourne

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade: Warehouse | Industries | Office | Retail | Undercover Car Park & Aged Care

At ENERGYSAVERSAU, we pride ourselves on the positive impact we are making on the environment, and reductions our customers see in energy bills. We are making this happen by helping our customers switch from conventional, energy-consuming lights to energy-efficient LED lights under government rebates for commercial LED lighting upgrades.

Keeping operation costs low is crucial for any business. There are simple steps to working smarter with the energy you use and turn it to create cost savings. One of the major factors in this direction is choosing the right energy partner.

At ENERGYSAVERSAU we give our customers the power to choose the right type of lights by offering them a variety of brands to choose from. Example, in case of industrial lights also called as high bays, we in house more 10 different brands to choose from, thus we let the customer decide what is best for him while assisting him in proving all the relevant information.

Warehouse lights are known to be the most energy consuming type of lights as each conventional high bays is lit by 400w mercury vapor or metal halite bulb. We reduce this 400w consumption to anywhere between 90w, 100w, 120w or 150w, depending on the lumen requirement of a particular business.

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